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T he Faculty of Built Environment (FBE) offers five undergraduate professional programmes tailored to meet the nation’s construction and real estate sectors’ manpower needs. All these programmes are accredited at the national and international levels. For example, its Bachelor of Science in Architecture has been accredited as Part I by the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) while its 2-year Bachelor of Architecture program leads to Part II recognition by the Board. The same programmes have also been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA, UK), leading to Part I and Part II, accreditation respectively. RIBA’s recognition is considered an achievement as it is the only programme in Malaysia recognised by RIBA and one of the three universities in East Asia.
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Pendidikan Mengenai Aedes & Denggi - Kosmo ( 9 Januari 2015)



Jalinan Masyarakat Jabatan Ukur Bahan - War on Dengue:  a collaborative effort of Dengue Coalition Council



Professional Women with Disabilities Share Their Experience

How Will MRT Impact The Property Market - New Straits Times 6 September 2013
PAM Awards 2013:Recognising excellence in Architecture
Optimism irrespective of election outcome - New Straits Times 7 March 2013
Acquisition Quandary - New Straits Times 30 November 2012 
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CNN-iReportA low-cost alternatine to Low-E Glazing

We, at the Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment,
University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have discovered
a low cost alternative to the use of expensive low-emissivity glass
used in office buildings to prevent heat egress into the office space.
We propose a thin film of a sustainable flowing water film on a
cheap ordinary glazing to provide the same or better
solar-thermal and solar-optical values as compared to expensive
solutions. The water film acts as a lens to allow more daylight into
the space while cutting down the heat transmission. The
results have been published in peer-reviewed international journal.
The research has led to a successful Doctoral thesis at the University
of Malaya. The flowing water film could come from simple rain water
harvesting systems.

Rumah Pasang Sendiri - Mega, Utusan Malaysia 21 Jun 2010
Sistem RTA jimat kos Mudah dibina Bina rumah semudah
pasang almari





  9 awards at the Tiangseri 26th Architecture Student Workshop hosted by UITM (30 Oct - 3 Nov 2014)
Second runner up from Best Booth / Installation Design at the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia Student Exhibition 2014 (17-19 Oct)

Runner up for Short Green Film at the Anugerah Hijau 2014 (23 Oct 2014 )
  FBE in Malaysia Book Of Records -Most Number of Pieces in a Jigsaw Puzzles -1 October 2013
  ISM Excellence Award 2011 - Best Article On Surveying, The Institution Of Surveyors, Malaysia
 Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011 , Emerald United Kingdom,
   International Real Estate Symposium 2010 - Merit Award Paper, Inst. Penilaian Negara (INSPEN)
 Bronze Medal Award For MySG Green Cement In ITEX 2010: International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition, The Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS),
ISM Excellence Award 2010- Best Article On Surveying, The Institution Of Surveyors, Malaysia
   Diamond (Special Award for Earth Science) & Gold Award - 'Sandwich Brick - Sustainable Construction' from British Invention Show 2007 (BIS), Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London, held on 17 - 20 October 2007


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Research Seminar: Sustainability-Led Design through Building Information Modelling
Research Seminar: Sustainability-Led Design through  Building Information Modelling
| 28 May 2015 | 10.00 am -2.00 pm| [...]