Laboratory & Workshop


Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratories are a centralised facility for all students at the Faculty. The facilities include desktop publishing, 2D draughting, 3D modelling, image processing and animation. All computers are networked within the faculty and internationally via the internet.

Centralised Laboratories

There are two centralized laboratories within the Faculty’s building that support the lecturers and students in teaching and research activities. These are Environmental Physics and Photography Laboratories. In addition students have access to more specialized laboratories in Engineering and Science Faculties.


A Model-Making Workshop that has 100m2 floor area, is available for students to make architecture models, and construct small scale objects. The workshop, equipped with hand and power tools for model-making with wood, plastics and metal, is open during normal working hours for use by all students of the faculty. Some equipment are available for loan outside operating hours. One full-time technician supervises the workshop activities and provides hand-on training and assistance to students.