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A team of inventors from the University of Malaya (UM) participated in the International Invention Innovation and Technology Exposition (ITEX 2018), which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from 10-12 May 2018.

Organised by the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), ITEX 2018 featured a total of 1,000 inventions and with exhibitors from 19 countries participated in the annual event including Bangladesh, China, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran and Kyrgyzstan, just to name a few. Those who have participated came from the lower to higher learning institutions, private universities, government agencies as well as corporate bodies and research institutes from many parts of the world. 

All participants were exposed to a variety of points of view and simultaneously develop new ideas and trends, which can bring an impact to the future. This would result in discovering new ways of commercialising an invention towards business ideas and significantly achieved production goals towards the institution.

The UM team participated in two categories with four inventions in the Universities & Research Institutions category and two more in the Individual category. All six inventions have won Gold medals with one Special Award won by Assoc. Professor Dr. Tan Chou Yong from the Faculty of Engineering. 

The list of inventions and inventors:

Professor Ir. Dr. Fatimah Ibrahim (Faculty of Engineering)

Title: “SMARTMF: A Non-invasive Portable Multi-Frequency Bioimpedance Analyzer (SmartMF) For Health Management Modules For Human Body Composition, Cholesterol Level Assessment and Biophysical Activity”

Description: SMARTMF is a non-invasive portable device that comes with health management modules focusing on human body composition, cholesterol level, dengue severity risk monitoring & biophysical activity assessment (salat). SMARTMF assist healthcare practitioners in monitoring health status via smartphone apps.

Ir. Dr. Lai Khin Wee (Faculty of Engineering)

Title: “Scoltech-New Technology for Scoliosis Diagnosis and Monitoring”

Description: Scoltech is a new technology for scoliosis diagnosis and progression monitoring. This invention tends to improve the overall scoliosis diagnosis process and measurements; include angle trunk rotation, shoulder height difference, hump height difference and shoulder lateral tilting angle.

Assoc. Professor Dr. Ubagaram Johnson (Faculty of Engineering)

Title: “Structural Grade Bricks, Lightweight Zero-Cement Pavement Blocks and Blast Resistant Lightweight Concrete Using Industrial Waste”

Description: Structural and non-structural grade normal weight brick-block, lightweight zero-cement concrete and lightweight blast resistant concrete were developed using locally available industrial waste and by-products such as fly ash, palm oil fuel ash, palm oil clinker, slag aggregate.

Dr. Amirrudin Kamsin (Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology)

Title: “Digital Quran Authentication System”

Description: There are still no proper existing systems that can automatically check the authenticity of digital Quran and hadith. There is a need of the system, which can handle all queries, right from verifying quranic verse/hadith to distribution of authentic copies after verification process to end users.

Assoc. Professor Dr. Tan Chou Yong (Faculty of Engineering)

Title: “Graphene-Doped Zirconia Engineered for Industrial and Machine Applications”

Description:  This invention involves the production of a new generation of graphene-doped Zirconia using a rapid sintering technology. The produced ceramic exhibits superior mechanical and electrical properties for fuel cells as well as for various industrial and machine applications.

Dr. Adeeb Hayyan (Nanotechnology & Catalysis Research Centre)

Title: “Green Solvents for Advanced Up-Stream Treatment Technology of Fuel and Biofuel”

Description: Application of ionic liquids and eutectic solvents as green solvents resulted in minimal impact to the environment. This project aspires to produce zero-emission of transportation fuel and biofuel through cleaner processing of denitrogenation, desulfurization, deacidification, desaltation and CO2 capture.



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