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1 RG179-12SUS Cost Analysis For Building Refurbishment Works Professor Dr. Sr Azlan Shah Bin Ali
2 RP025D-15SBS Protection And Legal Framework Of Cultural Heritage In Palestine Associate Professor Dr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad
3 PG038-2012B Modern Urban Landscape In Post - Colonial Cities : Case Studies Of Vila Telebrasilia, Brasilia And Kampung Bharu, Kuala Lumpur Dr. Rosilawati Binti Zainol
4 RG195-12SUS The Challenges Of Life Cycle Costing Application In Intelligent Building Project In Developing Nation. Dr. Norhanim Binti Zakaria
5 RG196-12SUS An Investigation Into Negotiation As A Means Of Trade Usage To Avoid Dispute In The Malaysian Construction Industry Dr. Sr Mohd Suhaimi Bin Mohd Danuri
6 LL009-15SUS Homes For Active Ageing : Market & Housing Aspect Associate Professor Dr. Sr Noor Rosly Bin Hanif
7 RP002C-13HNE Housing And Rehabilition Dr. Rosilawati Binti Zainol
8 RP015A-15SUS Community Wellbeing Within The Affordability Issues Dr. Zairul Nisham Bin Musa
9 RP015B-15SUS Quality Affordable Housing : Developing Criteria For Space Design Standard Dr. Sr Nor Haniza Binti Ishak
10 RP015C-15SUS Value Management And Cost Modelling For Affordable Building Dr. Nurshuhada Zainon
11 RP015D-15SUS Developing A Maintenance Application Tool : Driving Affordable Operation And Building Maintenance Dr. Nik Elyna Myeda Bt Nik Mat
12 RP015E-15SUS Effect Of Inclusive Environment On Occupant Satisfaction In Re-Engineered Affordability Building Associate Professor Dr.  Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
13 RP007A-13SUS Developing A Decision-Making Tool For Predicting Building Deterioration In Sustainable Living Condition Professor Dr. Sr Azlan Shah Bin Ali
14 RP007B-13SUS Whole Life Cycle Costing Of Sustainable Construction Associate Professor Dr. Faizul Azli Bin Mohd Rahim
15 RP006D-13HNE Cemetry And Land Scarcity In Kuala Lumpur: Crossroad Of Cultural And Economic Values In Development Dr. Goh Hong Ching
16 RG210-13SUS Green Office: Designing, Green Specification, Procurement And Retrofitting. Case Study:Umcares University Of Malaya Ati Rosemary Binti Mohd Ariffin
17 ER024-2013A A Study Into An Intermediate Housing Tenure For Middle-Income Groups In Malaysia Dr. Hasniyati Binti Hamzah
18 RP007E-13SUS The Application Of Mass Customisation In Commercial Housebuilding As A Measure To Promote Sustainability Dr. Hasniyati Binti Hamzah
19 RP007C-13SUS Green Neighbourhood Index For Sustainable Living Dr. Rosilawati Binti Zainol
20 ER023-2013A Theoretical Basis Of Risk Mitigation Into Building Perfomance Rating Tool In Malaysian Public Universities Associate Professor Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
21 FP047-2013A Articulating Tangible And Intangible Values In Protected Areas. The Kinabalu Model Of Natural Heritage Site Management Dr. Goh Hong Ching
22 LL006-15SUS Developing A Strategic Facility Planning Framework For Eco-Resilience Homes Professor Dr. Sr Azlan Shah Bin Ali
23 PG098-2013A Electricity Consumption And User Perception Evaluation Of Academic Buildings In University Of Malaya : A Green Potential Assessment Ati Rosemary Binti Mohd Ariffin
24 PG005-2013A Effect Of Burning Conditions On The Properties Of Traditional Clay Plain Tiles Dr. Sr Rodiah Binti Zawawi
25 PG070-2013A Developing An Innovation Model For Small And Medium -Sized Construction Firms Professor Dr. Hamzah Bin Hj Abdul Rahman
26 PG148-2012B A Framework For Bill Of Quantities Customised To The Needs Of Building Conservation Works Associate Professor Dr.  Yahaya Bin Ahmad
27 RP009D-13SUS Building Design And Environmental Control And Regulatory Dr. Rodiah Binti Zawawi
28 RP009E-13SUS Open Knowledge Initiatives: Development Of Knowledge-Repository Information System And Sustainable Management For Cameron Highland Special Research Group Asrul Sani Bin Abdul Razak
29 RP009A-13SUS Heritage And Townscape Of Cameron Highlands Helena Aman Binti Hashim
30 RP009C-13SUS Sustainable Highland Community, Heritage And Livelihood Through Eco-Tourism Development In Cameron Highland Ati Rosemary Binti Mohd Ariffin
31 IF009-2015 Suled-Bim : Led Design Through Building Information Modelling Associate Professor Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
32 GA014-2013 The Study Of Putrajaya As Smart City Dr. Sr Yasmin Binti Mohd Adnan
33 RP009F-13SBS Governance In Context : Integrating Land Use Conflict And Sectoral Division In Pulau Pangkor Dr. Goh Hong Ching
34 RU006T-2015 Umcares Green Office Development Phase 2 Ati Rosemary Binti Mohd Ariffin
35 RP009-2012C Urban Heritage Program Associate Professor Dr.  Yahaya Bin Ahmad
36 53-02-03-1105 Forecasting Office Demand In Kuala Lumpur Associate Professor Dr. Md Nasir Bin Daud
37 RU006M-2015 #Msiaendsdengue Project Dr. Nurshuhada Zainon
38 RP009-2012B Sustainable Urban Mobility Of City Centre Of Kuala Lumpur Dr. Mastura Binti Adam
39 53-02-03-1107 Land Development On High Land And Steep Slope Areas : Process Mechanism And Legislation Issues Associate Professor Dr. Anuar Bin Alias
40 PR008-2011A Prototype Development Of Ready-To-Assemble (Rta) Self Build Housing System Associate Professor Dr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad
41 PG138-2014A  Framework For Conservation And Development Policy Of Urban Malay Settlements: Case Study Kampong Bharu Associate Professor Dr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad
42 RP009-2012A Urban Transformation, Emerging Towards Liveable City Dr. Mastura Binti Adam
43 RP009-2012D Urban Green Home Program Dr. Muhammad Azzam Bin Ismail
44 RG102-11SUS Risk Management In The Abandoned Development Project In Malaysia - An Empirical Study Associate Professor Dr. Hamzah Bin Hj Abdul Rahman
45 BK017-2015 Developing A Decision Making Model For Facilities Maintenance Sourcing Strategy Selection Of Greater Kuala Lumpur Office Building Dr. Shirley Chua Jin Lin
46 PV110-2012A Cultural Heritage Incentives For Conservation Of Traditional Settlements For Sustainable Communities : Comparative Studies Between Malaysia, Japan And South Korea Associate Professor Dr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad
47 PG221-2014B Passive Design Features In School Building And The Effects On Student Performances Dr. Muhammad Azzam Bin Ismail
48 RG307-14AFR Venturing Of Malaysian Construction Firms Into International Market Dr. Ali Mohammed Alashwal
49 RP002B-14HNE Collaborative Learning Programs In The Architectural Design Studio Dr. Zunaibi Bin Abdullah
50 RG317-14AFR Potential Of Wall Cladding As Rainwater Harvesting System For Multistorey Buildings Dr. Zunaibi Bin Abdullah
51 RP009F-15SUS Sustainable Physical Heritage Of Cameron Highlands Dr. Zuraini Binti Md Ali
52 FP005-2014A Quantification Of Green Maintenance Model Impact On Embodied Carbon Expenditure For Laterite Stones Repair: A Case Study Of Heritage Buildings Conservation In Melaka Dr. Brit Anak Kayan
53 RG281-14AFR Vertical Greenery System (Vgs) In Urban Tropics Associate Professor Dr. Wang Chen
54 FP030-2014B Determination Of An Optimum Parametric Architectural Design Strategies On Speech Intelligibility For Mosques By Using Geometrical Modeling Analysis. Dr. Nazli Bin Che Din
55 FP046-2014B Investigating Effects Of Different Active Fire Safety Strategy In High-Rise Residential Buildings Dr. Sr Farid Wajdi Bin Akashah
56 BK061-2015 Green Offices, A Healthy Work Place Of The Future? Investigating The Impact Of Green Offices On Occupant's Behaviour And Work Efficiency. Dr. Noor Suzaini Binti Mohamed Zaid
57 RG204-12SUS Mreits Performance Evaluation Zulkifli Bin Esha
58 PV146-2012A Cultural Impact And Risk Response Strategic Decision Making On Exogenous Risks In International Construction Professor Dr.Hamzah Bin Hj Abdul Rahman
59 BK055-2014 A New Generation Of High-Strength Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Incorporating Local Waste Materials Dr. Payam Shafigh
60 PG003-2012B An Integrated Approach Towards Sustaining Small Towns Identities In Malaysia Dr. Faizah Binti Ahmad
61 PG220-2015A Evaluation Of Mold Risk Assessment In Post Construction Stage Of A Hospital Building Dr. Nor Haniza Binti Ishak
62 RP009B-13SUS Landscape Identity Of Cameron Highlands Hill Station: Cultural Landscape And Soundscape Dr. Hazreena Binti Hussein
63 CR001-2015 Critical Succes Factors (Csfs) Of Implementating Building Information Modelling (Bim) In Malaysiam Construction Industry Associate Professor Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
64 BK049-2015 Building Commissioning To Enhance Interface Dissonances Between Construction And Commissioning Towards Project Success In The Malaysian Construction Industry Dr. Kho Mei Ye
65 RP002A-14HNE The Atelier Studio Model Dr. Naziaty Binti Mohd Yaacob
66 RP027B-15SBS Design & Application Of Ablution Workstation For Elderly & Disabled Person Dr.Norhanim Binti Zakaria
67 FP052-2014B Acoustic Properties In Residential Buildings: Physical And Psychological Impact Of Noise Annoyance And Loudness Associate Professor Dr. Wang Chen
68 GC001A-14SUS Seamless Transportation And Mobility For The Inter-Generational Society Dr. Naziaty Binti Mohd Yaacob
69 CR005-2015 Forest Fire Hazard Assessment Model By Integrating Earth Oservation Satellite Images And Geographical Information System (Gis) Professor Dr. Sr Azlan Shah Bin Ali
70 GC001B-14SUS Fully Accessible Public Community Facilities Building For Daily Independent Living Activities Dr. Norafida Binti Ab Ghafar
71 CG019-2014 Developing Sustainability Design Index For Masjids In The Topics Associate Professor Dr. Yahaya Bin Ahmad
72 FP041-2013A Determining Relationship Of Urban Environment Qualities And Adolescents' Psycological Health Dr. Nikmatul Adha Binti Nordin
73 PG116-2015A The Effect Of Cementitious Materials On Drying Shrinkage Strain Of Oil Palm Shell Lightweight Concrete Dr. Payam Shafigh
74 FP025-2014B Value Management Characteristics And Its Implementation Plan For Sustainable Facilities Management Practices Associate Professor Dr. Sr  Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
75 ER022-2013A Estimating Dissimilarities Of Environmental Risk Acuity In The Ampang Landslide Belt And The Peripheral Areas Using Spatial Approach (Sea) Associate Professor Dr.  Md Nasir Bin Daud
76 RP028A-15SBS Housing And Migration: The Constraints On Housing Choice And Pattern In Malaysia Associate Professor Dr. Wan Nor Azriyati Binti Wan Abd Aziz
77 GC003B-15SUS Coordinating Socio-Spatial Planning Plans In The Context Of Urban Future In Malaysia Dr. Peter Aning Anak Tedong
78 GC003C-15SUS Planning And Managing Residential Choice And Urban Neighboorhood Associate Professor Dr. Wan Nor Azriyati Binti Wan Abd Aziz
79 GC001C-14SUS Enhancing Well Being Through Recreational And Sensory Therapy In Landscape Design Dr. Hazreena Binti Hussein
80 RG199-12SUS Determining The Best Alternative Model Of Facilities Management (Fm) Service Delivery For Shopping Centres In Klang Valley Towards Its Potential Benefits And Risks Dr. Zairul Nisham Bin Musa
81 CG022-2014 Entitled Universal Design And Inclusive Society Naziaty Binti Mohd Yaacob
82 UM.C/625/1/HIR/248 Development Of Engineering Schedule Acceleration System Using Ant Colony Optimization (Aco) Associate Professor Dr. Wang Chen
83 RG207-13SUS Knowledge Sharing Initiatives In Quantity Surveying Firms In The Malaysian Construction Industry Dr. Othman Bin Mohamed
84 BK067-2014 Evaluating Daylight Effectiveness And Occupant Visual Satisfaction In A Gbi Platinum Office Building In Putrajaya, Malaysia Dr. Kong Seng Yeap
85 PG046-2014A Producing High Strength Of Porous Concrete Dr. Zahiruddin Fitri Bin Abu Hassan
86 PG126-2014B Assessment Of Community-Based Organisations And Local Authorities Partnership And Participation In The Implementation Of Local Agenda 21 Programs Associate Professor Dr. Melasutra Binti Md Dali
87 BK053-2015 "Glocalization": Analyzing And Governing The Neighbourhood Change In Malaysia Neoliberal Turn Dr. Peter Aning Anak Tedong
88 CG016-2014 Remote Sensing And Gis In Preservation Of Historical Site In Lembah Bujang Through Efficient Land Use Planning Dr. Zuraini Binti Md Ali
89 BK052-2015 Innovative And Attractive Housing Schemes For Young Households In Greater Kuala Lumpur Dr. Zafirah Al Sadat Binti Zyed
90 RP007D-13SUS An Assessment Of Sustainable Housing Affordability In Malaysia Dr. Rosli Bin Said
91 PG016-2013A Building Information Modeling (Bim) Capabilities In Quantity Surveying Practice Dr. Hafez Salleh
92 BK021-2015 The Frequency Of Inspection And Maintenance To Improve The Residents' Satisfaction Of High-Rise Residential Buildings Dr. Au Yong Cheong Peng
93 RP007F-13SUS Knowledge Management For Sustainable Living Transformations Associate Professor Dr. Anuar Bin Alias
94 GC001D-14SUS Accessible Sustainable Tourism And The Universal Design Index Ati Rosemary Binti Mohd Ariffin
95 RP002C-14HNE Emerging Technologies Through Creative Enterprises Of The Architectural Design Studio Nur Mazidah Binti Che Ghani
96 UM.C/625/1/HIR/MOE/ASH/06 Translation If Sustainability Knowledge, Into Design Studio Architecture Projects Practice In Malaysia. Puan Sri Nila Inangda Manyam Keumala Binti H Daud
97 GA008-2014FL Perception And Opinion Of Antarctic Values In Malaysia Dr. Goh Hong Ching
98 PG065-2014B Assessing The Governance For Sustainable Tourism At Taman Negara (National Park), Pahang Dr. Goh Hong Ching
99 PG191-2014B Effectiveness Of Task Light And Daylight Design For The Office Space In The Tropics Puan Sri Nila Inangda Manyam Keumala Binti H Daud
100 FP018-2015A Office Occupation Decision Making Framework For Office Buildings In Kuala Lumpur Dr. Sr Yasmin Binti Mohd Adnan
101 PG192-2014B Post Conservation Evaluation On Maintenance Of Heritage Museums Within The Unesco Historic Cities Of The Straits Of Malacca, Malaysia. Puan Sri Nila Inangda Manyam Keumala Binti H Daud
102 RK005-2015 Suled-Bim : Sustainability-Led Design Through Building Information Modelling Associate Professor Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Bin Kamaruzzaman
103 FP017-2015A Facilities Management Need To Account For People With Physically Challenged Dr. Shirley Chua Jin Lin
104 CR008-2013 What Do We Know About Property Auction In Malaysia? Associate Professor Dr.  Md Nasir Bin Daud
105 GC002D-15SUS Green Neighborhood Effect On Property Value Associate Professor Dr. Sr Noor Rosly Bin Hanif
106 LL007-15SUS Design Of Homes For Active Ageing Dr. Muhammad Azzam Bin Ismail
107 BK002-2016 Evaluation Of Public Transportation Mobility For Women Based On Neighborhood Crime Rate: A Case Study Of 8 Lrt Kelana Jaya Line Stations Dr. Yong Adilah Binti Shamsul Harumain
108 LL008-15SUS Developing A Strategic Framework And Policies Guideline For Eco-Resilience Neighbourhood For Active Ageing Dr. Nikmatul Adha Binti Nordin
Last Update: April 28, 2016