International Refereed Journals (ISI/SCOPUS)






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Professor Dr. Hamzah Abdul Rahman

ClientsPerspective on Professional Ethics for Civil Engineers



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Energy Performance: A Comparison Of Four Different Multi-Residential Building Designs And Forms In The Equatorial Region

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Incorporating Waste into An Experimental SchoolPrototype: Lessons regarding Materials Reclamation Opportunities" Waste Management & Research

Waste Management and Research, 30(12) pp1251-1260 DOI:
10.1177/0734242X12465459 This is a Q2 Journal


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Malaysia's existing green home compliance with LEED for Homes

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Advanced Science Letter


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Kearifan Cendikiawan Tempatan Pada Masjid Tradisional di Semenanjung

The Ninth Regional Symposium of the Malay Archipelago (SIMPORA 9), 11-12 Disember 2012


Azizul Azli Ahmad, Dr. Aizan Hj. Ali@Mat Zin & Ezrin Arbi

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World Conrefence on Islamic Thought, Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan, 11-12 Sept. 2012


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