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1  Governing enclosure:The role of governance in producing gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods in Malaysia, International Journal Urban and Regional Research, Volume 39, Issue 1, pages 112–128 Tedong, P. A., Grant, J. L., & Abdul-Aziz, W. N. A. W. (2015).
2 A Multi-criteria framework for office tenants' preference at office buildings, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, vol 9 (3) pp 271-282 Yasmin Mohd Adnan, Md Nasir Daud, Muhammad Najib Razali 
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4 The contribution of leisure to religious continuity among the Zoroastrians, Anthropological Notebooks 21(1), 61–81  Abdolhossein Daneshvarinasab, Melasutra Md Dali and Mohd Fauzi Yaacob
5 Kanniah, K.D.; Sheikhi, A.; Cracknell, A.P.; Goh, H.C.; Tan, K.P.; Ho, C.S.; Rasli, F.N.Satellite Images for Monitoring Mangrove Cover Changes in a Fast Growing Economic Region in Southern Peninsular Malaysia. Remote Sens. 2015, 7, 14360-14385. Kanniah, K.D.; Sheikhi, A.; Cracknell, A.P.; Goh, H.C.; Tan, K.P.; Ho, C.S.; Rasli, F.N.
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7 Supplementary cementitious materials origin from agricultural wastes - A review. Construction and Building Materials, Vol 74, pp 176-187 E.Aprianti, P.Shafigh, S.Bahri, J.N.Farahani.
8 A review on natural ventilation applications through building façade components and ventilation openings in tropical climates, Energy and Buildings, Volume 101, Pages 153–162 Ardalan Aflaki, Norhayati Mahyuddin, Zakaria Al-Cheikh Mahmoud Awad, Mohamad Rizal Baharum
9 A comparison between atrium and courtyard cooling efficiency in hot tropical climate, implementing different passive cooling strategies,Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 7 (4):043108. doi: doi: Moosavi, Leila, Norhayati Mahyuddin, and Norafida Ab Ghafar
10 Atrium cooling performance in a low energy office building in the Tropics, a field study,Building and Environment, Volume 94, Part 1, December 2015, Pages 384–394 Leila Moosavi, Norhayati mahyuddin, Norafida Ab Ghafar
11 Achieving energy and cost savings through simple daylighting control in tropical historic buildings,Energy and Buildings 90 (1), pp. 85-93 Kamaruzzaman, S.N., Edwards, R., Zawawi, E.M.A., Che-Ani, A.I.
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13  Occupants satisfaction toward building environmental quality: structural equation modeling approach. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187(5):4447, pp242 Syahrul Nizam Kamaruzzaman, C. O. Egbu, Emma Marinie Ahmad Zawawi, Saipol Bari Abd Karim, Chen Jia Woon (2015).
14 Analytic Hierarchy Process Decision-Making Framework for Procurement Strategy Selection in Building Maintenance Work,Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 10.1061/(ASCE)CF.1943-5509.0000529 , 04014050. vol 29 (2)

Shirley Chua Jin Lin; Azlan Shah Ali; and Anuar Bin Alias
15 Implementation of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Decision Making Framework for Building Maintenance Procurement Selection: Case Study of Malaysian Public Universities. Eksploatacja I Niezawodnosc-Maintenance and Reliability 17 (5): 7- 18 Shirley Jin Lin Chua, Azlan Shah Ali & Anuar Alias 2015
16 Noise Annoyance and Loudness: Acoustic Performance Of Residential Buildings In Tropics , Building Services Engineering Research & technology  vol. 36 no. 6 680-700 Chen Wang,  Yuenxun Si, Hamzah Abdul Rahman, Lincoln C Woods
17 Empirical Study to Determine Fragmentation of Construction Projects" Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.vol 141 (7) 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0000986 ,  Ali Alashwal and  Patrick Sik-Wah Fong (2015)
18 A Relationship Framework For Building Information Modelling Capability In Quantity Surveying Practice and Project Management. Informes de la Construccion.(Journal Construction Reports). Vol.67.Issue 540 PF Wong, H. Salleh, and F.A.Mohd- Rahim,2015.
19 Quality Function Deployment(QFD) Modelling To Enhance Industrialized Building System Adoption in Housing Projects.Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. 26(7-8): 703-718 Nuzul Azam Haron, Hamzah Abdul-Rahman, Chen Wang & Lincoln C. Wood
20 Defects Of Tensioned Membrane Structures (TMS) In Tropics. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 29(2): 04014049. Wang.C., Abdul-Rahman, H., Wood, L.C., Mohd-Rahim, F.A., Zainon, N., Saputri, E. (2015)
21 The performance of solar bottle bulbs at different interior exposure levels (2015) LIGHTING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY  Volume: 47   Issue: 1   Pages: 116-127  Wang, C.; How, V. L.; Abdul-Rahman, H.
22 The Impact of Organisational Culture on International Bidding Decisions : Malaysia Context. International Journal Project Management, Volume 33, Issue 4, May 2015, Pages 917-931 Low Wai wah, Hamzah Abdul Rahman & Norhanim Zakaria, 2015
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25 Incentives for the Conservation of Traditional Settlements: Residents Perception in Ainolura and Kawagoe, Japan. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change vol 13 (4) pp 301- 329 DOI:10.1080/14766825.2014.952302 Indera Syahrul Mat Radzuan, Naoka Fukami, Yahaya Ahmad, 2015
26 Examining the Methods for Investigating Behavioral Clues of Special Schooled Children, Field Methods 27(1) Hazreena Hussein and Md Nasir Daud (2015),
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1 Post- Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of Conventional- Designed Buildings: The Effects of Occupants Comfort on Productivity, Journal of Technology No. 74 Akashah, F.W., Ali, A.S., Zahari, S.F.M.
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