Journal B  ( Local / International Refereed Journal )

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No Journal Publisher ISSN
1 Access by Design: The Journal of the Centre for Accessible Environments Centre for Accessible Environment  ISSN: 0959-1591
2 Architecture Asia Architects Regional Council of Asia (ACARSIA)  
3 Architecture Malaysia  Malaysian Institute of Architects ISSN: 1985 3017
4 Asian Journal of Behavioural Studies (AjBeS) e-International Publishing House Ltd, UK for UiTM ISSN: 2398 - 4295
5 Asian Journal of Environment - Behavior Studies UITM ISSN: 1394-0384
6 Asian Journal of Quality of Life (AjQoL) e-International Publishing House Ltd, UK for UiTM ISSN: 2398-4279
7 Borneo Research Journal Jabatan Pengajian Asia Tenggara, Fakulti Sastera dan Sains Sosial, UM ISSN: 1985-5443
8 Building and Construction Law Journal Thomson Reuters ISSN: 0815-6050
9 Building Engineer The Association of Building Engineers ISSN: 0969-8213
10 Building Research Journal De Gruyter ISSN: 1335-8863
11 UiTM, Shah Alam ISSN: 1675-5022
12 City, Territory and Architecture Springer ISSN: 2195-2701
13 Construction Law International International Bar Association ISSN: 1819-1371
14 Construction Law Journal Sweet & Maxwell / Taylor and Francis ISSN: 0267-2359
15 Contact Malaysia Chartered Institute of Building, Malaysia  
16 Contemporary Legal and Economic Issues Faculty of Law, Osijek ISSN: 1847-6171
17 e-Bangi Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities UKM eISSN: 1823-884X 
18 Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal Elsevier ISSN: 2215-0986
19 Environment by Design The Environmental Design Research Association  
20 Frontiers of Architectural Research Elsevier  ISSN: 2095-2635
21 Geografia : Malaysian Journal of Society and Space Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ISSN: 2180-2491
22 HBRC Journal Elsevier ISSN: 1687-4048
23 International Journal for Fire Science and Technology Centre for Fire Science and Technology, Research Institute for Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science eISSN:1882-0492, ISSN: 0285-9521
24 International Journal of Architecture, Engineering & Construction International Association for Sustainable Development and Management (IASDM) ISSN: 1911-110X  eISSN: 1911-1118 
25 International Journal of Business and Management Studies The Social Sciences Research Society eISSN: 1309-8047 
26 International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation Taylor and Francis 2165-0349
27 International Journal of Property Science UM ISSN: 2229-8568
28 International Journal of Renewable Energy Resources UMPEDAC ISSN: 2289-1846
29 International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology Inderscience ISSN: 1757-3971
30 International Journal of Research in Management and Technology (IJRMT) IRACST eISSN: 2249-9563, ISSN: 2250-1363
31 International Journal of Social Planning and Developmen Penerbit UiTM Perak ISSN:1985-3092
32 International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment Elsevier ISSN: 2212-6090
33 International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology  UTHM ISSN:  2180-3242
34 International Journal on Engineering Performance-Based Fire Codes Centre for Fire Science and Technology ISSN: 1561-9559
35 International Real Estate Review Asian Real Estate Society (As Res) ISSN: 1029-6131
36 International Surveying Research Journal Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia ISSN:2232-1309
37 ISESCO Journal of Science and Technology Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)   ISSN: 2028-8077
38 JATI – Journal of Southeast Asian Faculty of Arts and Social Science, UM  ISSN: 1823-4127
39 Journal of Al-Tamaddun University of Malaya ISSN:1823-7517
40 Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) ISSN : 2231-9514
41 Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies (jABs) Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying (FAPS), UiTM Malaysia ISSN: 2180-4567
42 Journal of Building Performance UKM ISSN: 2180-2106
43 Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management (JCEPM) Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management eISSN: 2233-9582
44 Journal of Construction Research World Scientific Publishing ISSN: 1609-9451, eISSN: 1793-687X
45 Journal of Daylighting Solartis ISSN: 2383-8701
46 Journal of Design + Built UKM ISSN: 1985-6881
47 Journal of Facilities Management Emerald  ISSN: 1472-5967
48 Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction Emerald ISSN: 1366-4387
49 Journal of International Real Estate and Construction Studies Nova Publishers ISSN: 2153-6813
50 Journal of Southeast Asian Architecture National University Of Singapore ISSN: 0218-9593
51 Journal of Special Needs Education Faculty of Education, UM ISSN: 2289-2745
52 Journal of Surveying, Construction & Property UM ISSN: 1985-7527
53 Journal of Sustainable Real Estate COSTAR Group/Ares ISSN: 1949-8284
54 Journal of Techno-Social UTHM ISSN: 1985-9740
55 Journal of the Building Limes Forum Lime Association, UK  
56 Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS) Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society ISSN: 0128-5483, eISSN: 2180-4338
57 Journal of Universal Design in the Built Environment IIUM ISSN: 2442- 1668
58 Journal of Valuation & Property Services INSPEN  
59 Faculty of Arts and Social Science, UM ISSN: 1675-3925
60 Malaysian Townplan Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa, Malaysia ISSN: 1675-7629
61 Manusia dan Masyarakat FSSS, UM ISSN: 0126-8678
62 Master Builders Journa1 Master Builders Association Malaysia ISSN: 0127-497X
63 Regional Development Studies United Nations Centre for Regional Development ISSN: 1020-3060
64 Sarjana UM ISSN: 1823-7746
65 Sejarah Faculty of Arts and Social Science, UM ISSN: 1985-0611
66 The Ingenieur Board of Engineers Malaysi ISSN: 0128-4347 
67 The Malaysian Surveyors Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia eISSN: 2232-1292
68 Value World Journal SAVE International ISSN: 1553-8508 eISSN: 2326-0327