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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture programme provides constitutes the first tier of the two-tier system. The programme provides solid academic foundation for those who wish to pursue professional architect qualification. In this 3-year intensive course, design is taught as the core subject into which knowledge on other subjects are integrated. The BSc. Architecture course is also programmed as a stand-alone undergraduate course that is sufficient for students who do not wish to continue on to the Master of Architecture programme, but to venture into related fields.



Career Opportunity
  • Assistant Architecture
  • Construction
  • Project Director
  • Education
  • Designer (Coordinator / Product / Interior / Freelance)
  • Developers
  • Film Director

Semester I : September
Deadline for Malaysian applicants : April for Semester I intake
Deadline for International applicants : June for Semester I intake

Last Update: 27/10/2023