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by Deputy Dean (Student Affairs)

The Office of Deputy Dean Student Affairs, Faculty of Built Environment was established on 1st January 2022. The main aim of our office is to extend services related to student welfare, discipline, mobility, employability, student development and entrepreneurship.

UM Student Affairs Division’s motto of “Student First”
is the basis of our policy and operation.

As such, we will work closely with student representatives and societies to ensure that our graduates will acquire the key skills and knowledge required to practice as professionals in the built environment during their study at the university.



Sr Dr. Saipol Bari Abd Karim
Associate Professor
Ahmad Isyraf Jamil
Assistant Administrative Officer
Norhisham Mohamed Halim
Senior Administrative Assistant
Dr. Teh Bor Tsong
Senior Lecturer
Sr Dr. Mohd Suhaimi Mohd Danuri
Associate Professor
Dr. Nik Hazwani Hashim
Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sr Nur Farhana binti Azmi
Senior Lecturer
Dr Noorame Mohd Foudzy
Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sr Nor Haniza binti Ishak
Senior Lecturer
Dr. Noor Hashimah Hashim Lim
Senior Lecturer
Sr Abdul Ghani Sarip
Dr. Muhammad Hadi Mustafa
Senior Lecturer
Dr. Linda Shafarina Hassan
Senior Lecturer



Mobility Programmes

Mobility programmes offer an opportunity for students to participate in specially developed activities and initiatives in other universities outside Malaysia. From anime to coffee planting and leadership to volunteering, you can explore any new activity or skill that you may be interested in. The mobility programmes can either be short term, long term or physical. Among programmes offered :

  • Summer programmes
  • Exchange programmes 
  • Social, cultural or novel activities

For more information on both short or long term outbound opportunities, please visit Global Enrichment & Mobility (GEM) Division. While we encouraged students to participate in the mobility programme, please do get advice from respective Head of Department before applying. 

Student Development

Students are encouraged to participate in competitions, seminars, student society events, and other extracurricular activities organised internally and externally. The advantages of participating in such activities are :

  • Contributing to merit.
  • Build CV.
  • Build character.
  • Improve soft skills.
  • Build networks.
  • Extra income!

Upcoming Major Activities Session 2023/2024

  • High Impact Career Program
  • Student Motivational Camp
  • Student Sports/ Games 

Student Bodies

  • UM Student Union (UMSU)
    The Student Union is a student-run organisation that represents the interests of all FBE students. It is a branch of the general UMSU. For more information, please visit UMSU's   Instagram
  • Alam Bina Society (ABSoc)
    ABSoc is a society under the Faculty of Built Environment (FBE), established in 2016. The objective of ABSoc is to unite all five departments in FBE by creating a series of interesting and bonding activities. For more information about activities, please visit ABSoc's   Instagram
  • Built Enviroment Postgraduate Society (BEPSoc)
    BEPSoc is a society for postgraduate student under the Faculty of Built Environment (FBE) which aims to unite all postgraduate students by creating a series of interesting and bonding activities.

Excellent Student Award

(Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang)

1 graduating student from each program. Criteria as follows:

  • Final CGPA 3.50 and above
  • Grade A for academic project/ final year project
  • Active involvement and achievement at department/ faculty/ university/ national/ international level
Academic achievement – academic related activities, competitions
Non-academic achievement 
- Co-Curricular activities – active in club/ societies/ sports/ performing arts, etc.
- Leadership – committee member/ head of unit/ president or vice, secretary etc.
- Volunteering
- Involvement with activities including non-academic competitions organised by professional bodies.
Added value criteria
- Publication – article, poster presentation, etc
- Other awards/ recognition/ prizes (exclude Dean's Award)
  • Nominated by Head of Department
  • Free from any disciplinary actions

Last Update: 24/10/2023